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The R.O.I Company offers you an excellent opportunity to invest in return-yielding real estate while dispersing and diversifying your investment portfolio. We devote considerable resources to locate assets with potential and constantly aspire to physically and financially enhance the assets, which increases the current return and enables you to be a partner in the success and the profits.

R.O.I specializes in identifying market trends and realizing return-yielding real estate opportunities with extensive experience, knowledge and reputation. R.O.I meticulously examines, analyzes and filters the investment possibilities. Through all stages of the transaction, R.O.I is closely involved in the management of the assets, implementation and realization of the business outline. The company operates with full transparency, integrity and identical interests with its partners in the various transactions and consequently the company and its shareholders invest considerable sums in every transaction together with the investors.

R.O.I is a real estate investments company under private ownership that focuses on acquitting and managing return yielding assets, and the company's investors benefit from excellent and attractive low risk returns.

The company's investments are made in close cooperation with real estate entrepreneurs, highly experienced in return yielding real estate of housing units and which were chosen by the company after a selective examination, sensitivity checks as well as conducting a due diligence check. 

Every investment of the company is thoroughly examined while analyzing all the data in depth and with specific strategy. The company's outstanding advantage is the high quality and professional staff serving the company and the ability to provide its investors with the peace of mind and feeling of security by means of diversifying their investments and maximizing the returns with the potential for capital gains. Since its establishment the company has acquired assets throughout the United States and Europe and the company's staff has accumulated dozens of years of experience in return yielding real estate investments.



Creation of a good, stable and professional platform for people interested in investing their money in a smart and sensible manner and to benefit from passive, solid and stable investment.The company's success is measured by the satisfaction of its investors from the results of the investments and from the attractive returns! The company has set as its mission to lead to excellence and perfection in return yielding real estate investments, with professionalism, competence and advanced management perception while promoting return yielding real estate for its investors.

The company devotes considerable resources in the development of all aspects of the platform in order to enable its client's to receive the best investment product.



Reliability & Fairness

The supreme value for success in business activity and providing personal  and professional service to investors, particularly when international investments are concerned.


We believe in creating a mutual interest and consequently the shareholders and the company invest of their personal funds in every investment.


We operate with professionalism and responsibility in the management of the assets and investment risks together with maximizing and increasing investors' profits.


We believe in simple and return yielding real estate!! The company implements a policy of maximum certainty security and does not invest in projects of construction development and entrepreneurship in which the risk and uncertainty are too great.

Data & Information

The company's investors are the most import assets of the company!! We devote a great deal of time and effort to supply all the information required in order to keep our investors well informed.


We devote a great deal of energy and do our best for the success of the investment.

Reduction of Exposure

The project and the investment are selected after meticulous screening, checking the profitability and due diligence, as well as an in-depth analysis of all the data. 

Family-Like Atmosphere

We maintain a pleasant, warm, friendly and family-like atmosphere within the company and with all the bodies with which we choose to cooperate.


In order to comply with its requirements the company conducts close supervision and internal and external auditing of all aspects of the company's activity.


In addition to the permanent, quality in-house staff, the company works in full and constant cooperation with leading external experts in their fields who accompany and advise the company during all the investment processes. Among these consultants are local and international lawyers and accountants.



The company engages in location of return yielding assets overseas and in investment in residential and commercial real estate ventures. The guiding principle is identification of opportunities with an attractive risk-return profile. Currently the company is active mainly in the United States and England, where it has acquired hundreds of properties, which were renovated, improved and rented and currently are being managed in the best way possible.


The company concentrates on and specializes in Multi Family residential properties that are at full capacity but are "under-managed" and in a physical condition that requires upgrading. After the acquisition the company takes steps to make the management more efficient while at the same time it enhances the complex with its residential units. After stabilizing the property, improving performance and conclusion of the enhancement process, a decision is taken whether to realize the investment and sell the property at a profit or alternatively to refinance for the sake of minimizing risks. This decision is taken according to the condition of the market, as well as examination and analysis of the data.


In recent years the company has concentrated on acquiring and investing in commercial properties located in the well established cities and in strategic locations with high demand. The anchors of the investment are tenants that are financially sound with long-term rental contracts. In these transactions the anticipation is for ongoing annual return of about 10% and a real potential for capital returns.


  • Identification of trends and preferred targets for return yielding real estate transactions

  •  Financial analysis and financing of transactions

  • Identification and location of solid real estate transactions in the target areas

  • Analysis of transactions, due diligence, conduct of negotiations and closing deals

  • Financing and leveraging transactions by means of connections with banks and various financial bodies

  • Renovation and enhancement of properties

  • Management and making the assets more efficient

  • Sale with capital gain

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