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Tali Wasserman

Analyst & Asset Manager

Tali is responsible for Supervision of compliance with objectives in all departments of the Company to insure meeting project specified timeline and budget. Tali works with all the stake holders to optimize investment performance.

Prior to joining the company, Tali served in managerial positions at  Intel Corporation semiconductor chip makers. Tali worked at Intel for 15 years (2002-2017).Tali main role was the Business Operations Manager in Perceptional Computer Group. Tali was responsible for department budget Planning & Control of $200 million per project. Building HeadCount and Capacity model, include working on scenarios & sensitivity check. In addition striving for process improvement in the organization, and driving for cost saving projects.

Tali graduated in 2004 from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology University with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering.

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