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Shay Atiya


Shay, one of the founders and owners of the company, is a real estate entrepreneur in Israel and abroad, with extensive experience in management of projects in marketing and entrepreneurship, growth, risks management and supervision of the various aspects of the company's activity, with an emphasis on the organizational activity and asset management. Furthermore he is responsible for capital raising for the company, including accompanying investors in Israel and abroad. Shay is also responsible for integration of data systems in the company, as well as monitoring, specifying work processes, work procedures and budgeting them.


Prior to the establishment of the company, Shay served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force and completed his service with the rank of major. During the course of his service he fulfilled a series of senior management positions and participated in and managed dozens of complex system-wide projects. After his period of service Shay participated in business ventures and complex business development. 

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